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Seminars in Germany:

Turning Inwards

 The Discipline of Authentic Movement


August 25 – 28, 2022

 Parkstrasse 7, 38102 Braunschweig, Germany

tuition 430,- Euros


The Discipline of Authentic Movement

  One Day

September 10, 2022

Praxis Parkstrasse 7

38102 Braunschweig, Germany

This is the invitation to offer space and time and compassionate conscious awareness to your moving body and to your experience during and after moving. This is the invitation to deepen into your experience as much as is appropriate for you. This is the invitation for your inner witness to emerge towards being a compassionate presence.

In a safe space we can follow the impulses of our body, we follow the movement from within. Our potential for seeing clearly unfolds from that ground as well as our potential for directly speaking the experience, after moving.

Our deep longing to be seen as we are and our deep longing to see clearly, both can be met and both can evolve in this seminar.

The development of the inner witness is at the core of the Discipline of Authentic Movement. A compassionate presence of the inner witness means to consciously relate to oneself, to the other, to the collective, to the Numinous.

The Discipline of Authentic Movement is an embodied awareness practice.

Open for all levels of experience with the Discipline of Authentic Movement; if you not have any experience with this practice I recommend, to meet me in my practice, on the phone or on Skype to find out, if this seminar could suit you.

tuition: 112 Euros

Seminars online:

The Discipline of Authentic Movement

  One Day

October 8, 2022

tuition 97, – Euros


Seminars abroad:


Endocrine System

May 28 – June 3, 2022

Yogacenter Danilovsky District, Moscow, Russia

+ online (hybrid version)


Immune System

September 23 – 27, 2022

Yogacenter Danilovsky District, Moscow, Russia


Authentic Movement and Therapeutic Presence

Part 1

4.11. – 8.11.2022

Uzupis, Vilnius, Litauen


Nervous System

December 2 – 8, 2022

Uzupis, Vilnius, Litauen