Authentic Movement

The Discipline of Authentic Movement allows to be oneself in a direct way, supporting our well-being. Being can directly be present. We can be as close as possible to what is true for us. Our relationship to our own body and to our presence can deepen and be refined. Creative potential is set free. Deep regeneration can occur.

At times the ground form appears to be simple, – its reach is boundless: one person closes her eyes in the presence of another person, and follows the impulses of her body. Movement, including stillness, appears. The other person, the witness, is sitting to the side of the studio space, perceiving her experience in the presence of the mover. After this they sit together and speak, finding words for their experience.

The Discipline of Authentic Movement (DAM) can be practiced in a dyad as well as in a group.

Our deep longing to be seen as we are, our deep longing to see clearly can be met and can evolve. We practice clear seeing, which transcends projections, interpretations and judgements.

The Discipline of Authentic Movement „is compassionate witnessing of movement, becoming conscious,… grounded in the relationship between a mover and a witness“ (Adler 2015). The development of the inner witness is at its core. Developing ones inner witness means to consciously relate to oneself, to the other, to the collective, to the numinous.

The DAM is an embodied awareness practice.


Adler, J. (2015), The Mandorla and the Discipline of Authentic Movement’,, accessed October 23, 2015