Cornelia Schmitz


Human development is profoundly fascinating to me, as it is directly rooted in our embodied presence and essentially interweaving with it.

My professional path starts in psychology and psychotherapy as well as in Creative Dance and in multiple approaches to Body Work and Movement Education (Contactimprovisation, Cranio-sacral Movement Therapy, Voice Work Roy Hart, Aikido/Shizen-Taido, Qi Gong). During my training in IBMT all of this rejoins into embodied exploring and experiencing our organismic tissues and processes and playing from there. Coming from IBMT I am finally finding my home in the Discipline of Authentic Movement, working with my beloved teacher Janet Adler.

Everything I am doing, body-based psychotherapy, supervision, different ways of teaching individuals or groups is rooted in this mystical practice, this path of conscious embodiment of who we are.

– Dipl.-Psychologist
– Psychological Psychotherapist
– Supervisor (BDP)
– Dip. IBMT (Integrative Body-Work and Movement Therapy)
– Teacher of the Discipline of Authentic Movement
– Faculty Member in Circles of Four (Postgraduate Program for preparing to become Teacher of the Discipline of Authentic Movement)
– Faculty Member of the IBMT-Institute
– ISMETA-approved Somatic Movement Educator