In my practice I accompany the one, who is coming to me, on the way in her/his development, enjoying the richness of every single encounter.

Connecting to Inner Knowing is essential in this work. In my experience Inner Knowing expresses most directly in our dreams and in our bodies. My practice offers the space, where the body can express Inner Knowing and can be consciously perceived as directly expressing Inner Knowing.

The well-being and the wishes of the one who comes into my practice are central in our working together. It is completely unique and individual, how embodiment is included into the therapeutic process.

By offering attention and awareness to yourself and to what shows up it becomes apparent, what is needed. If we turn from our heart to what is inside of us, the connection to ourself can deepen and can be refined.

This is the natural way of our human refinement: to deeply connect to who we are.

The work happens in an individual setting as well as with groups.


– Psychotherapy (Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy)
– Individual sessions
– Coaching
– Supervision
– Group sessions
– Therapy Training